Welcome to the Lisa Kardos School of Excellence!

The Lisa Kardos School of Excellence provides supportive coaching and online courses for your personal and professional success.

This online school is intended to provide resources for you -- an individual who is looking to improve his or her life -- whether it's to become more productive, advance your career, level-up your life, develop your leadership skills, or learn how to overcome challenges and achieve your goals and dreams (offered in our signature program, Design Your Success).

What this training and coaching will do for you:
1. Establish you as a leader or expert in your role.
2. Provide a system you can easily and consistently use for your personal success and career advancement.
3. Give you confidence, clarity, and support.
4. Provide a safe environment for you to ask questions, express concerns, and feel supported in your professional and personal growth.

Training includes step-by-step video tutorials and worksheets. The online courses/coaching, particularly within the signature program, Design Your Success, are centered around the Design Your Success System (TM), which consists of ten focal areas:

•Design Blueprint Adoption
•Mindset Development
•Strategic Thinking Development
•Leadership in Problem Solving
•Influence and Relationships
•Advanced Strategy and Positioning
•Confidence, "Assertiveness," and Values
•Comprehensive Plan

Additional courses and resources are also provided inside the Lisa Kardos School of Excellence, such as:
•Productivity Optimization Training
•Team Leadership Training
•Resume and Cover Letter Writing Training
•"Life Optimization" (Stress Reduction Practices) Training

Individual advising / consulting / coaching options are also available.

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